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New study reveals perception of diversity and inclusion at the office

Posted at 3:36 PM, May 02, 2021

SOUTHERN COLORADO — Since last summer's protests over the death of George Floyd, companies have put a bigger emphasis on diversity and inclusion. So how is this going? It depends on who you ask.

A new report from Glassdoor, a company review website, finds African-American employees are least satisfied with their company's diversity and inclusion, compared to their peers. Glassdoor found that gap has only widened since 2019. The largest perception-gaps are happening in accounting and legal, consumer services, and travel industries.

"Employees have to hold the companies accountable to say if I want to work here, I want to be in a community where I feel valued employees have to to communicate with your organization<" said Hattie Hill, President and CEO of the T.D. Jakes Foundation. "Let them know what's working what's not working."

Hill spoke to our news partner about ways companies can approach diversity. Hill has spent more than three decades working with companies, nonprofits and foundations on diversity and inclusion. She stresses change will not come quickly.

Glassdoor says measures of diversity and inclusion satisfaction, tend to be dominated by the opinions of white employees. This is because of their over-representation in the workforce. So, employers need to directly ask for feedback, and target investments in underrepresented groups.

"Whatever the efforts are that they've put in place, you really have to stop and and and ask yourself you know what's happening in our job culture, and i think it's even tougher in a pandemic, where people aren't in the office together every day," Hill explained.

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