Woman goes skiing just before 100th birthday, achieving a life-long goal

Edyth Warne 99-year-old skiing North Dakota
Posted at 2:42 PM, Feb 01, 2022

An organization called Ski for Light made 99-year-old Edyth Warne's life-long dream of skiing come true.

Warne decided to knock some items off of her bucket list before her big 100th birthday and so she decided to go snow skiing as a camera from KOTA followed the action in the mountains near Rapid City, South Dakota.

Her grandson said that she has faced physical disabilities all of her life.

"This isn't something she's been able to do," Edyth's grandson Austin Pearce said as they prepared to go down the slopes in North Dakota.

Members from Ski for Light made sure that Edyth was secure in a sled before skiing down the snowy mountain, assisting her. They ended up going not just once, but three times as Edyth yelled, “This was wonderful...I think everybody should do it. Even though it’s real bumpy."

Ski for Light is a non-profit groupthat was founded in 1975. And according to the organization, they work to provide opportunities for mobility and visually impaired to go out and experience cross-country skiing, and in Edyth's case, downhill snow skiing as well.