White Sox minor leaguer comes out as gay

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Posted at 9:14 AM, Feb 21, 2023

Minor League Baseball player Anderson Comas is the latest professional athlete to come out as gay.

Comas joined the White Sox organization about five years ago. In his post, Anderson wrote about wanting to normalize gay athletes in sports.

"I enjoy my work a lot, being a professional baseball player is the best thing that happened to me so I just wanna say something to those people that says that gay people can not be someone in this life," Comas wrote. "Well look at me I’m Gay and I’m a professional athlete."

Thousands of people commented on Comas' post, noting his courage in revealing something so personal.

Chris Getz, White Sox assistant general manager, said Comas revealed his sexuality to the organization last year.

"I was very pleased that he was comfortable sharing with us in player development," Getz said. "I also was happy at the reaction across the organization, which as you would expect was to support, help and congratulate a teammate."

Comas, who was born in the Dominican Republic, is currently a relief pitcher. The 23-year-old had a 6.35 ERA as a pitcher in 2022.

Being publicly gay in professional sports is a rarity. There are no openly gay players in Major League Baseball. Carl Nassib was the first active player in the NFL to come out in 2021. Michael Sam came out and was drafted St. Louis Rams, but he never played in a regular season game.