WATCH: Police officer drives delivery worker to customer after his car breaks down

Police officer helps deliver food for delivery driver
Posted at 3:06 PM, Feb 17, 2022

A police officer in Wisconsin went above and beyond the call of duty to help out a fellow citizen, just doing his job.

In a video that has recently gained some traction online, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin police officer is seen in security camera footage walking up to the door of a home in the city last week on Feb. 10. Walking next to him is a man holding a takeout food order, looking at his phone.

Just before they arrived the man's car had broken down while he was working, delivering food, according to a post by ViralHog.

The Wisconsin police officer drove the man to the customer's home so that he could complete his order, and not have any trouble with his employer.

In the video, you hear the delivery driver ask the deputy his name, and the two shake hands as if the incident had only started moments before.

As they wait, after the doorbell rang, the driver indicates that the customer would have been alerted that the food had arrived. Then the door opens and the officer tells the customer, "you got a special food delivery, his car broke down."

The officer said, "we're here to make your food order on time," as both smiled at the customer understanding her initial confusion.

The customer reacts saying that she thought to herself, "Oh, my god there is a police officer at the door."

The officer says, "He didn't want to be late for his food delivery." He said of the delivery driver, "His car died on Oklahoma on the freeway," referring to the avenue named after the state, in Milwaukee.