VIDEO: Cat fights off three coyotes outside California home

Posted at 1:10 PM, Jan 15, 2020

LOS ANGELES — Some house cats are all meow and no action. But that's not the case for Max.

The black-and-white house cat took on three coyotes outside his owner's Southern California home Wednesday, January 8, and the whole battle was caught on a security camera.

"My husband and I were watching a movie right here and all of a sudden we see this kind of shadow of a tail," Maya Gurrin, Max's owner, told KCAL. "So we walk outside and all of a sudden we see just three coyotes completely surrounding him."

Gurrin, a self-described "cat lady," scared the coyotes off when she saw what was happening outside her Los Angeles home. But she didn't realize just how epic Max's fight with the coyotes was until she watched security camera footage of the incident.

"I couldn't believe it. We really couldn't believe it," Gurrin told KCAL. "We're still shocked."

In the video, little Max can be seen defending himself from three coyotes in Gurrin's backyard. They encircle the cat, but never get close enough to injure him. At one point, Max even scares one of the coyotes enough that it retreats up a wall.

The cat walked away from the melee with his tail held high but, according to Gurrin, his days as an outdoor cat are over.

She's considering building a "catio" for Max so he can still go outdoors but be protected from predators. But for now, the feline is remaining indoors.

"You don't see videos like that," Gurrin said. "You see them getting eaten, and it just been so different, and we're really lucky."