Tuesday an important day in addressing lack of election workers

Posted at 10:50 AM, Aug 15, 2022

Election administrators across the country have reported poll worker shortages throughout the primaries.

It's not as dire as the 2020 election, but not having enough workers can mean long lines and some polling locations potentially having to close.

There's a big push to get these positions filled for the midterms.

Tuesday is "Poll Worker Recruitment Day." Power the Polls said the most significant issue they hear from election administrators is a lack of awareness about how needed election workers are.

"People pay attention more in presidential years, and they don't pay attention as much in midterm elections, which is why we still have gaps," said Jane Slusser, program manager for Power the Polls. "Right now, people are not even thinking about this; it's not on their radar. But you still need to have as many polling locations open, even if there are, you know, aren't as many folks there."

Abhi Keshamouni, 19, served as a poll worker in 2020 before he could even vote. He's planning to serve again this November.

"It almost felt empowering to work there, and to help people vote and to help people do their civic duty regardless of what their political ideology were," said Keshamouni.

It is a long day because you have to be there from before the polls open until after they close. You will get some training beforehand that includes how to deal with any kind of threats or intimidation at the polls.

Election pay varies across the U.S.

It's a quick process to sign up online.