Tips for parents, students as new school year begins

back to school
Posted at 2:02 PM, Aug 22, 2022

Each new school year comes with a new set of challenges and things for kids to be worried about, but experts saying preparing your kids the right way for the upcoming year can make a big impact.

Lauren Starnes is an early education expert with the Goddard School. Her first set of advice for parents trying to ease kids back into the school year is to talk to them.

"Part of any transition is demystifying the unknown," Starnes said.

Entering a new school or grade is especially nerve-wracking. Starnes says to remember that young children lack an understanding of time. Her advice? Instead of telling kids exactly when school begins or ends, use the order of events. Say things like, "In the morning we'll get dressed, we'll have breakfast, then you'll go to school."

"Remind the child and prepare them for when the parents will exit and when the child will return back to the family, it gives them an order of what to expect," Starnes added.

Laura's next set of recommendations has to do with routines. A week before school starts she says to set your kid's alarms for the same time they'll be waking up on at the first day of school. Then, get dressed, grab lunches and practice your family's morning drop-off routine.

"It's important to talk through that to alleviate any element of surprise," Starnes added.

Ben Warren, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor says families should use the end of summer as a time to start prioritizing sleeping schedules.

"Sleep is imperative to allow for growth spurts and their ever-changing minds," Warren noted.