The infamous Trump baby balloon may fly over Trump's planned 4th of July speech

Posted at 7:08 AM, Jun 12, 2019

It's been seen in the UK and Argentina . Versions of it have flown over border cities and protests around the US. Now, a feminist activist group has announced they are planning to fly a round, diapered Donald Trump baby balloon during the President's 4th of July address at the Lincoln Memorial.

The group, Code Pink, said in a statement that they plan to show up near Trump's much-touted Independence Day speech "to protest the racism, hatred, fear, and militarism that Trump stands for and promotes."

"On July 4, CODEPINK will parade the Baby Trump blimp in DC as an all out call to reject Trump," the announcement reads.

"When Trump speaks at the Lincoln Memorial, let's show him what a big baby he is!"

The now-infamous blimp first became a worldwide sensation when it flew during massive protests in London that coincided with one of the President's visits last year. It has since been a figure in many political protests, most recently making a return to the London skies when Trump visited earlier this month.