Sha'Carri Richardson raises questions about why Russian figure skater is allowed to compete

Richardson was not allowed to compete in the Olympics after THC was found in her system.
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Posted at 12:39 PM, Feb 15, 2022

Kamila Valieva, the Russian figure skater at the center of a doping controversy at the Olympics, competed Tuesday in the short program in women's individual single skating.

This comes after testing positive in December for a banned heart medication.

The result emerged last week, her two brilliant performances in the team competition helped her win gold for the Russian team.

According to USA Today, Valieva said Tuesday that the banned substance, trimetazidine, was an ingredient in her grandfather's heart medication.

Her attorney claims the substance may have entered Valieva's system by drinking from a communal glass, or through a similar method.

Now Sha’Carri Richardson is questioning why Valieva was allowed to compete after failing a drug test.

Richardson is a U.S. sprinter who won the 100-meter race at the Olympic trials in 2021.

After she tested positive for THC, the intoxicant in marijuana, she was not allowed to compete at the Tokyo Olympics.

In a tweet, Richardson said, “Can we get a solid answer on the difference of her situation and mines (sic)?” Richardson went on to say, “the only difference I see is I’m a black young lady.”

Richardson was favored to medal in her competition, like Valieva.

The International Olympic Committee has said that a medal ceremony will not take place until a doping investigation is completed.