Senators struggle to amend, finish $1T infrastructure bill

Sen. Rob Portman
Posted at 3:16 AM, Aug 06, 2021

Senators are struggling to wrap up work on the bipartisan infrastructure plan.

A late-night session Thursday stalled out as new debates emerged over proposed amendments to the $1 trillion package. A procedural vote was moved to Saturday.

Senators have processed nearly two dozen amendments and none has substantially changed the framework of the public works bill.

One debate emerged over cryptocurrency tax compliance.

The Congressional Budget Office said the overall package would increase deficits by about $256 billion over the next decade. But the bill's backers say it is a “historic investment” that will lead to economic growth.

The package includes federal funding for roads and bridges, expanded access to high-speed internet and improvements to public infrastructure. President Joe Biden had hoped to include funding for things like child care, elder care and other "human infrastructure" provisions but removed them in striking a deal with Republican senators.