Rep. Lauren Boebert takes slim lead in tight House race

Turning Point
Posted at 3:55 AM, Nov 09, 2022

In one of the most closely watched races in the 2022 U.S. House midterm, Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert took a slim lead against Democrat Adam Frisch in Colorado’s third district Thursday morning.

As of early Thursday, Frisch led by just 64 votes with 98% of the vote in. Later in the morning, Boebert took a lead of about 386 votes.

While Republicans lead in enough districts to reclaim the House of Representatives, losing a seat like Boebert’s could put a dent in what appears to be at best a slim majority for the GOP.

It could take nearly a week for full results to be completed. The state gives voters who made a mistake on their ballot until Nov. 16 to "cure" their ballots. The state also accepts overseas and military ballots through Nov. 16.

Election officials have until Nov. 18 to complete their final counts.

Boebert gained notoriety during her first term in the U.S. House. She was among some Republicans who rejected the results of the 2020 presidential election. She also spread several falsehoods about the presidential election, including claiming that ballots were illegally sent to voters.

There has been no evidence substantiated in court to back up her claims.

She has also become one of the top fundraisers in Congress. According to Open Secrets, she has raised over $6.6 million in campaign contributions.

According to Open Secrets, the district was the eighth-most expensive House race in the U.S.