Reddit launches 'Discover' feature, modernizing the social app

Reddit mobile app
Posted at 5:06 PM, Feb 24, 2022

The long-time online message board and social platform Reddit announced on Thursday that it is updating it's mobile app, which will feature a new "Discover" tab making it easier to view photos and videos aggregated from across the website's many groups, or "subreddits."

The new feature aims to make a social app that is more visually appealing to use, whichwill modernize the app's features,bringing it more in line with the current era of social media platforms.

Reddit said in a post on their website, "You all made it clear that you want a better way to discover new communities you may be interested in, so today we are rolling out our first new surface in nearly two years—the Discover Tab. Think of the Discover Tab as the digital equivalent of that one friend that is always showing you subreddits that you didn’t know existed, but somehow always needed."

Reddit's official app is currently available on both iOS and Android and the new feature will curate pictures, videos, and GIFs in a grid that users can scroll through to find new content and communities. As The Verge reported, it might remind users of a similar feature on Instagram's explore page, or possibly that of Pinterest.

Users will be able to gesture from the left on the app to view their subscribed communities, and gesture from the right on the app to view their profile.

Jason Costa, Reddit’s director of product for community and content told The Verge, “I personally think users are going to discover and join more communities as a result of this. And I think the old and new Redditors alike are gonna find really interesting and compelling content that resonates with them.”