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Program for children in hospital adapts to pandemic

Posted at 10:04 AM, Feb 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-24 12:04:05-05

The pandemic forced us all to make some kind of adjustments to our lives and that's no different for a program that helps small children who need a little extra care.

Alonzo Rodriguez suffers from a genetic disorder that created a wide range of physical and cognitive challenges.

He was accepted into the KidStreet program at Children's Hospital Colorado when he was just six weeks old. The program gives families an option for their kids who don't need to stay in the hospital, but that have medical needs too complex for traditional day cares or preschool.

A spokesperson for the program says it's important these children get the treatment they need while allowing them to be kids.

“So much of their lives may be about the medical environment and thinking about the things that are limiting for them, and really KidStreet is a place that allows kids to just be kids while they’re getting intense therapy services and nursing services,” said Kelly Galloway with Children’s Hospital Colorado.

The pandemic shut down KidStreet for a while and forced kids like Alonzo to receive therapy sessions virtually.

His parents say he was too active to go back when the program reopened to half capacity. They were afraid he would miss his graduation from the program, but those involved found a way to make it happen.

“We dropped off graduation buckets to each child who was graduating's home. Each had a cap and gown and streamers, really a celebratory bucket and when they joined virtually, we gave screen time to each individual child and family to highlight their kiddo,” said Galloway.

“Even though we were apart, and everybody was in a different part of the state, we felt very close to one another,” said Lourdes Rodriguez.

Kids are involved in KidStreet from 6-weeks-old through 3 years old.

Right now, Alonzo is learning from home due to the ongoing pandemic.

A KidStreet spokesperson says they will continue to welcome more kids back as the pandemic allows. They usually have 22 kids and right now, they have about 11.