Prankster put 'Target Store Coming Soon' sign, disappointing town as it never came

Target never came to this Iowa town
Posted at 8:26 PM, Aug 19, 2022

Residents of a small Iowa town were disappointed to find out that the "Target Store Coming Soon" sign they saw pop up was all just a practical joke.

"For a Target to pop up right here on 3rd Avenue would be a little 'woohoo,' Julie Johnson, a resident of Marshalltown, Iowa said. "Nah, not going to happen," she said.

Many residents believed it might be happening, their beloved Target was bringing a store to town, causing frowns when it ended up not being true.
"Oh my God, I would love for a Target to be across the street," Johnson said. "I would love it."

The sign was placed near a building that operates UnityPoint Health, and they released a statement saying, "“Earlier this week, someone covered a billboard on one of our properties in downtown Marshalltown. The billboard covering had a Target logo and the message ‘Coming Soon!’ As has been reported, this was a light-hearted prank, and the covering has been removed. We can confirm that we haven’t had any discussions with Target Corporation about a new store location, and our property remains for sale.”

Residents of the town will still have to drive about 36 miles to the town of Ames to get to their nearest Target store.