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Police: Gun taken away earlier was used in school shooting

School Shooting St Louis
Posted at 10:37 AM, Oct 27, 2022

St. Louis police have confirmed that the gunman who forced his way into a high school, killing a student and a teacher and leaving seven others wounded, used an assault rifle that had been taken away from him earlier this month.

A police statement Wednesday night said the mother of 19-year-old Orlando Harris called police on the evening of Oct. 15 after she found a gun and she wanted it removed.

The statement says officers responded but “determined at that time the suspect was lawfully permitted to possess the firearm.”

The statement says someone known to the family was contacted and took possession of it.

Police are trying to determine how Harris got the gun back.

On Monday, 10th grader Alexzandria Bell and teacher Jean Kuczka were killed in the attack.

Seven 15- and 16-year-olds were wounded, and officials believe none of the injuries are life-threatening.

Police Commissioner Michael Sack said Wednesday during a press conference that the shooting left Harris’ mother “heartbroken."

Sack added that she and other relatives had long dealt with Harris’ mental health issues and even had him committed at times.

His mail was monitored by them and they often checked Harris' room to make sure no weapons were in there.

In a note left behind, Harris wrote that he didn't have any friends, no family, no girlfriend and a life of isolation, calling it the “perfect storm for a mass shooter.”