Oregon woman accused of ripping off a hijab off woman's head

Posted at 6:45 PM, Jan 06, 2020

A 23-year-old Oregon woman was arraigned on Monday and is facing criminal charges after being accused of ripping off a student's hijab and intentionally desecrating the hijab.

Multnomah County (Oregon) District Attorney Rod Underhill announced that Jasmine Renee Campbell, pictured above, would face charges on two counts of bias crime in the second degree, one count of attempted strangulation, one count of harassment and one count of criminal mischief in the third degree.

According to Underhill's office, Campbell allegedly approached a 24-year-old Portland State college student from behind and grabbed her hijab. Underhill said the unnamed victim was able to push Campbell away, which is when Campbell then allegedly forcibly took the hijab from the victim.

Campbell was then accused of using the hijab to rub it on and across multiple exposed sexually intimate parts of her body, Underhill said, citing court documents.

The student, who Underhill's office stated was from Saudi Arabia, said that she no longer feels safe wearing a hijab in public and is relying on alternative methods to cover herself, Underhill said, citing court documents.