Oprah endorses Fetterman over Dr. Oz in US Senate race

Posted at 11:18 AM, Nov 04, 2022

Dr. Mehmet Oz' ties to Oprah Winfrey didn't appear to be enough to receive her endorsement in Pennsylvania's U.S. Senate race.

Winfrey announced Thursday that she was endorsing Oz's Democratic rival, John Fetterman.

"I will tell you all this, if I lived in Pennsylvania, I would have already cast my vote for John Fetterman for many reasons,” Winfrey said during a virtual town hall.

Winfrey is considered a coveted endorsement. The former talk show host introduced millions of Americans to Oz on "The Oprah Winfrey Show." He was a regular guest on the show prior to launching his own talk show.

While Winfrey's endorsement may come as a surprise to some, she is known to endorse Democrat candidates over Republicans.

The race between Fetterman and Oz will be one of the most closely-watched contests of the midterms. Polling indicates it's anyone's race.

The two candidates participated in one debate this cycle. Fetterman, who is recovering from a stroke, appeared to struggle to put thoughts and sentences together at times during the debate. Oz has tried to capitalize on Fetterman's debate performance, saying he isn't ready for the job.

Fetterman maintains his doctors have cleared him to pursue the U.S. Senate seat.