New poll: A majority support removing Trump from office

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jan 20, 2020

A poll released Monday evening by SSRS commissioned by CNN indicates that a majority of Americans might be in support of removing President Donald Trump from office via a Senate trial.

The poll, which randomly sampled 1,156 Americans showed that 51% supported Trump's removal compared to 45% who opposed Trump's removal. This was the first time that the SSRS/CNN poll showed more than 50% support in removing Trump from office.

In December, polling indicated that 45% supported removing Trump, compared to 47% who opposed it.

The composition of Monday's poll was 32% Democratic, 26% Republican and 42% independent or members of another party.

Monday's poll gauging support for removal was within the margin of error, which was 3.4%.

The poll showed for the second-straight month that Trump's approval rating was 43%, although the survey showed a difference between men and women. Trump's approval rating among men was 50% versus 35% among women.

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