Nevada spelling bee champion starts charity for seniors

Mischa Abad collects handmade cards to give to seniors
Posted at 4:34 PM, Mar 02, 2022

LAS VEGAS — A former Nevada spelling bee champion has a new project to combat social isolation among seniors in Las Vegas.

Mischa Abad created Uplifting Deliveries, a volunteer organization that collects handmade cards to brighten the spirits of senior citizens.

“Our goal is to combat the effect of social isolation with senior citizens, and we do that by sending homemade cards,” Mischa said.

When Mischa was younger, she used to send cards to seniors, but she didn’t think about starting Uplifting Deliveries until last year.

“I never truly realized the effect that they had until I started volunteering at a senior home,” said Mischa. “I saw how the cards could uplift someone’s spirit.”

Now, Mischa is partnering with Spanish tapas restaurant Valencian Gold and Delivering with Dignity, a local non-profit that delivers meals to seniors.

Each bag of food is stuffed with a handmade card.

“Originally, my goal was to get 300 cards by the end of March, but thanks to the amazing response we got from the community, we’ve up that goal to a thousand.”

Mischa calls on the rest of the Valley to help in her mission. Everyone is invited to make a card and send it to Mischa to deliver.

Rachel Moore at KTNV first reported this story.