Massive rock slide in Arizona caught on camera

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Posted at 1:48 PM, May 31, 2022

PAGE, Ariz. — A group spending Memorial Day boating on Lake Powell in Arizona witnessed something few ever see or are able to catch on video.

Mila Carter was heading towards Antelope Point Marina with family and friends Monday when she noticed a few rocks falling along a nearby cliff next to the lake.

"It kind of didn't stop and we could tell that more was coming, so we stopped and I kind of just pulled out my phone just in time," said Carter.

What happened next left them stunned, amazed and every other adjective in the dictionary.

Lake Powell Rock Slide
Boaters capture Lake Powell rock slide on camera

"Pretty incredible," explained Carter. "Saw something like I had never seen before."

Within seconds after Carter pulled out her phone, an entire section of the cliff broke free and crashed into the water. The massive rock slide caused a large splash followed by a wave heading in the direction of the boat.

"I feel like the video didn't do that big tidal wave justice," said Carter. "It was huge."

Raw video below shows rock slide crash into Lake Powell

Raw video of Lake Powell rock slide

Seeing the wave crash near them, Carter's husband sped up when realizing they needed to quickly get out of the way.

"There was still the aftermath of the big rockfall that we need to make sure and be clear from," Carter said.

When spending a holiday on Lake Powell, boaters usually expect a day full of sun and fun. But never in their wildest dreams did Carter and her family expect to see a rock slide literally rock their world.

"We try to be safe and stay clear of things like that, but it definitely isn't something that I was really concerned about. Not every time I'm by a big cliff or rock do I worry that it's going to fall on me."

Lake Powell Rock Slide1
Large wave follows massive rock slide on Lake Powell

The entire experience took just seconds, but was something Carter said she her group will remember for a lifetime.

"It was definitely surprising and shocking and kind of a little bit of a wake up call to watch out for everything!"

Lake Powell Rock Slide2
Lake Powell cliff following large rock slide caught on camera

This story was first reported by Jeff Tavss at KSTU in Salt Lake City.