Living with someone with opposing COVID-19 views is hard; here are tips to make it easier

Posted at 11:39 AM, Jul 31, 2020

If you live with someone who has opposing views about the COVID-19 pandemic, it can make living situations awkward.

Hunter Stanfield is an assistant professor of family science at Lipscomb University. When approaching someone about their views on COVID-19, and their habits, he said it’s best to remain calm and open-minded.

“It is throwing everyone for a loop,” Stanfield said, “So instead of saying that you’re really getting worked up about this, that’s probably not the best initial approach. It may be ‘I can see that this is really upsetting to you, can you tell me a little bit more about that?'”

He said trying to understand, before attempting to be understood, is a good starting place. “Am I willing to consider their perspective, or am I in this to prove them wrong? Which in the end gets us nowhere in all of this, so I think those basic things are really important and critical.”

If you know why someone’s habits are a certain way, it’s possible to compromise.

“I know some people say compromise is a dirty word, in this case, I think compromise really gets at the fact that I’m wanting to meet someone or be a part of someone’s life the best I can," Stanfield said.

If the social awkwardness persists, a ton of people is going to therapy to sort it out right now.

“I sometimes equate therapy to taking your car in to get an oil change. Sometimes it’s good to go in for a routine tune-up.”

Lipscomb University actually provides low-cost therapy for folks in the community that need it. Information here.

WTVF's Alexandra Koehn first reported this story.