Ice cream shop in Kansas trains staff in ASL to expand inclusivity

Kaleidoscoops Ice Cream.JPG
Posted at 12:25 PM, Aug 11, 2021

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — April Redic owns Kaleidoscoops, a Kansas City, Kansas, ice cream shop.

“I opened Kaleidoscoops for the community, for the Black culture to have a dream,” Redic said.

But it’s also a place of inclusion for the ASL community and her father, Edward Redic, who is deaf.

“Us hearing people, sometimes sound – we don’t pay attention to how much in the world we can hear,” April Redic said.

So she gives her employees a different kind of training in inclusivity through teaching the ASL basics.

“I wanted the deaf community to feel comfortable coming here,” Redic said.

April knows first hand the difficulties of the deaf in our community as her father was deaf since birth.

Edward Redic said it’s not easy being deaf, but he’s thankful for his daughter.

“I was proud and truly happy that she included us,” he said, “and all the people would see the ‘I love you’ sign that meant that ASL is being used.”

Both April and Edward Redic hope the deaf community ventures out more across the metro.

“I would try to get people to join me, to go in other parts of Kansas City,” Edward Redic said. “Let’s go get ice cream in Kansas City.”

But for the deaf and hearing-impaired community to venture out more, it’s going to mean more businesses wanting to learn ASL.

“I would like different businesses to try to look at different ways to include the deaf community, whether it be pencil and paper,” April Redic said.

Ultimately, the father and daughter father have just one message.

“Just try,” April Redic said. “The deaf community loves when hearing people try to include them. Or try to do sign.”

Giovanni Garcia at KSHB first reported this story.