Florida man lists 'heart-shaped potato' on Facebook marketplace for $4,500

Posted at 9:32 PM, Jan 08, 2020

Couldn't afford to buy the manatee-shaped chicken tender? Maybe the heart-shaped potato could be the next online item on your wishlist.

The seller, Gregory Bates, listed the potato as "used-good" condition three days ago for $4,500 on Facebook Marketplace.


Those living in the Tampa Bay area may be able to get their hands on the expensive potato quicker, as the seller appears to be based out of Hillsborough County.


The sale comes a few days after a woman (also from Florida) listed a manatee-shaped chicken tender for $5,000. The potato is a slight bargain over the chicken tender as it costs $500 less to purchase.

This article was written by KJ Hiramoto for WFTS .