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Elementary school student in Buffalo publishes book

Posted at 11:33 AM, Aug 05, 2020

Nine-year-old Nariya White loves to concoct slime and make lip gloss.

She's an aspiring scientist and an expert at turning simple ingredients into original products. So when she was bullied this past school year, she turned that experience into something positive.

“Two girls were bullying me, and I just decided I should make a book about bullying," said White.

In March, she wrote a book called "A Slimetastic Day." It was recently published and is available on Amazon.

The book is about "encouragement." When two boys call girls dumb, the girls initially become discouraged, but then the girls challenge the boys to slime making competition. The girls use their creativity and knowledge to prevail. White hopes her book inspires other children.

“The book was about bullying, so if someone in your school or on the street is bullying you, you shouldn’t really care about it because you have your family, cousins, and friends that care about you," White said.

White's mother Kina knew the book would be a bestseller with family and friends but said she didn't expect all the praise they've received from strangers. She hoped publishing the book would help spread the word.

“I thought it was important just to make other people aware that you can turn a negative into a positive, and I know that there are many kids that are dealing with the same situation and many parents," said Kina White.

The young author leaves her readers with this message, on the book's last page.

"From that day on, the girls knew that anything boys could do so could girls."

WKBW's Gilat Melamed first reported this story.