City deals with repair costs after man shoots Johnny Cash image on water tower to watch it leak

Kingsland Arkansas Johnny Cash water tower shot.jpg
Posted at 3:01 PM, Jun 02, 2022

The town of Kingsland, Arkansas is still awaiting the final bill for repairs after a man was arrested for shooting a hole in the side of a water tower there which has an image of country music legend Johnny Cash, who was born there.

According to the Cleveland County Herald, the city's insurance is expected to cover the bill, minus a $1,000 deductible. But, according to officials, including Mayor Luke Neal, the final bill for repairing the gunshot hole in the water tower could cost somewhere below $5,000. City officials say they are still waiting on an electric bill related to the tower's pump after water leaked from it for days.

Luke Neal/Mayor Kingsland, Arkansas

An official with the city's water department said that various people had to be called in to make the repairs including a painter and an electrician, in order to fix the vital part of the city's infrastructure. A worker from the city's water department said that she was passing the water tower in the early morning hours when she heard water spewing from high above and notified authorities. Water then leaked for at least a week until it could be repaired.

As local station THV reported, some residents called the leak in Johnny Cash's birthplace, "the biggest news in Kingsland."

Mayor Neal confirmed that a second possible suspect has not been arrested at this time, but an investigation is still pending and law enforcement has not confirmed if they are still investigating any additional suspects.

The news has drawn national and international attention for the small town. Mayor Neal confirmed for the Cleveland County Herald that he has received interview requests from as far away as the United Kingdom.

As TMZ and other national outlets have reported, officials arrested Timothy Sled after they say he shot the hole in the 50,000-gallon water tank. He has reportedly been given two felony charges including one for criminal mischief, and another for impairing the operation of a vital public utility.