Bridal dresses become harder to find as weddings pick up again

Shipping times have slowed down by 300% since pre-pandemic
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Posted at 1:19 PM, Jan 28, 2022

Many weddings were canceled or postponed during the pandemic.

Now that more people are vaccinated, couples are back to planning their special day.

“Now that it’s a little more open and people are able to have their big weddings, we’re definitely seeing a surge of brides coming in,” said Allison Bailey, the operations manager at Winnie Couture in Atlanta.

But as brides rush in, it’s becoming harder for many to find a wedding dress.

Chloe Buckel who recently got married said, I actually picked mine up two days before I had to fly out for my wedding.”

Michelle McFarland, President of the National Bridal Retailers Association said, “the manufacturers and the designers that are creating these beautiful wedding dresses all are experiencing supply chain issues.”

Some companies are changing their supply chain method just to keep up with demand.

The CEO of David’s Bridal, Jim Marcum told CNN the company is front-loading inventory production, so they can have them supply ready for customers in the U.S.

With shipping times slowing down by about 300% in 2022, couples are advised to start preparing everything for their wedding as soon as possible.