Medical examiner confirms Bob Saget died as a result of head trauma

The medical examiner's statement confirms what Saget's family announced Wednesday.
Bob Saget
Posted at 6:34 PM, Feb 09, 2022

ORLANDO, Fla. — A medical examiner has confirmed that Bob Saget died as a result of blunt head trauma.

The Chief Medical Examiner of Orange and Osceola Counties in Florida confirmed the cause of death Thursday morning.

The late actor's family announced the cause of death Wednesday.

Saget's family said the trauma likely came after a fall in his hotel room.

"The authorities have determined that Bob passed from head trauma. They have concluded that he accidentally hit the back of his head on something, thought nothing of it and went to sleep," a statement from his family said.

The medical examiner also stated Saget's "injuries were most likely incurred from an unwitnessed fall."

The medical examiner's statement goes on to say that a toxicology analysis did not find any illicit drugs or toxins in Saget's system and his death was accidental.

Saget was found dead last month in an Orlando hotel room on January 9.

The statement continued with the family saying they were "overwhelmed with the incredible outpouring of love from Bob's fans, which has been a great comfort to us and for which we are eternally grateful," CNN reported.

Saget, 65, was on a comedy tour at the time of his death after the release of the follow-up to Full House, the show he is famous for, with the show "Fuller House."

Immediately after news of the actor's death broke, speculation immediately surfaced regarding the state of his health after he was diagnosed with COVID-19 in December.

As CNN reported, his widow, Kelly Rizzo said on "Good Morning America" in January that he was in good health and his bout with COVID-19 was "not anything serious."

An autopsy by the Orange County Medical Examiner in Florida was completed the day after he died.

Saget was found dead lying face up on his bed in a luxury hotel room in Orlando with what was believed at the time to be no signs of trauma. That was according to a sheriff's office report released after his death.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office report said there were no signs of foul play, and the room itself was in order.

Saget's left arm was reportedly across his chest, and his right arm was resting on his bed when deputies and paramedics arrived at his room at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando and pronounced him dead.

According to the Associated Press, the 65-year-old was scheduled to check out of his room that day.

When family members could not get in touch with him, they contacted hotel security.

When hotel security got to the room, they found the lights off and Saget on the bed and cold to the touch.

After checking for a pulse and breathing and not finding one, hotel security's dispatch contacted 911.

Reports said that Saget was declared dead shortly before 4:20 p.m. ET. that Sunday, January 9.

Hotel key records showed he entered the room a little before 2:20 a.m. ET, the Associated Press reported.