Arizona dog is safe after getting head stuck in a cinder block wall

Arizona Humane Society rescues dog named "Buddy" after becoming stuck in a wall
Posted at 10:38 AM, Jan 18, 2022

A dog in Arizona that was lost from his owner and said to have become curious about another dog, had to be rescued after he went to peek through a hole in a wall and his head became stuck.

The ordeal began after two-year-old "Buddy" strayed away from his Phoenix-area home. The Pit Bull Terrier mix was spotted by someone who called the Arizona Humane Society to help get his head out of the hole in the wall. Rescuers were able to free "Buddy" after chipping away at the cinder block wall for nearly half an hour.

Dr. Andrew Tornell, a vet with the Arizona Humane Society said the situation was made even more dangerous for the dog because another dog "was not very appreciative of him being there and proceeded to bite him multiple times on the head."

The Arizona Humane Society reportedly has thousands of animals who need emergency care, so their operation has to be there to help late into the night. "Buddy" was able to receive additional care before being returned safe to his owner.

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control has created a map that helps connect lost dogs like "Buddy" with their owners. And the two-year-old dog's owner had no idea he was going through such a stressful ordeal.

"Buddy's owner was actually on that map and able to see her pet was found not too far from where she lost him, and found all the information and contacted us. That's how she came to us," Francisco Cabella of Arizona Humane Society In-take said.

Cabella said Buddy was "one of the friendliest dogs" that he had ever met. "You would not have imagined he just went through this ordeal," Cabella said.

As KNXV reports, experts warn that even if you see a dog in need of help, call experts like your local Humane Society as they have the proper tools to rescue animals that are trapped or in need of help.

This story was originally published by Venton Blandin of Scripps station KNXVin Phoenix.