Amazon plans to invest around $1B to reduce carbon emissions

The focus is aimed at its European delivery fleet of electric vehicles for now
Posted at 9:13 PM, Oct 10, 2022

Online retail behemoth Amazon says the company is planning to invest around $1 billion to reduce its carbon emissions.

Company executives said their planned investment would reach around $972 million, covering investments in electric vehicles to deliver packages.

The company is focusing on its European fleet of delivery vehicles for now and hopes to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2024, the company says.

That would bring its European fleet of electric delivery vehicles from around 3,000 to about 10,000.

While the company hopes to use its centralized delivery hubs in major cities like London and Paris to help deliver more packages on foot, it will also try other Earth-friendly delivery methods.

Amazon hopes to have more packages delivered by electric cargo bikes as well.

Amazon already uses centralized delivery hubs in around 20 major European cities, which helps to reduce carbon emissions.