Airlines say 5G fears are now not as serious as previously thought

United Airlines Planes
Posted at 11:55 AM, Jan 21, 2022

Airlines say that while they don't have a final resolution in the major disruption to global flights this week, after fears that 5G would disrupt aircraft communications, executives say they are in a better place. Industry fears over 5G disruptions appear to have subsided, for now.

As CNN reported, executives told investors Thursday that a threat to operations from the rollout of 5G technology now feels less serious.

The CEO of American Airlines, Doug Parker, told CNN, "It's taken a while to get to the right spot, but I feel like we're in the right spot." Parker said, "I don't think you're going to see any material disruption going forward because of this."

Long-haul carrier Emirates says it will also resume its Boeing 777 flights to the U.S. after halting its use of the aircraft there over concerns new 5G services in America could interfere with airplane technology that measures altitude, the Associated Press reported.

International carriers that rely heavily on the wide-body Boeing 777, and other Boeing aircraft, canceled early flights or switched to different planes Wednesday. That was after warnings from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Chicago-based plane maker over possible interference with radio altimeters.

The FAA gave approval late Wednesday for more types of planes to land in low visibility near 5G signals, including the Boeing 777.