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Walmart investigating after mom claims baby formula tampered with

Posted at 2:56 PM, Jul 26, 2019

(KPNX) A Phoenix, Arizona mom is warning others to check their baby formula after she says her 9-month-old daughter got sick drinking formula that she believes was tampered with.

Madeline Roque says she bought baby formula from a Valley Walmart a few days ago. She prepared a bottle for her baby on Wednesday and noticed her daughter, Adeline didn't want to drink it.

She made two more bottles before she started to notice something was not right.

"On the fourth bottle, when I was making it, I did realize something was definitely wrong. The color was different, the texture was different, so I just knew it wasn't milk,” said Roque.

She then let the mixture stand for a while and noticed it separated. When she poured it down the sink, Roque said it was obviously flour, not formula.

As the night progressed, Adeline, started throwing up, passing gas, and having diarrhea. Roque took her to the doctor, where she was evaluated and later released. Adeline is expected to be ok.

A spokesperson for Walmart says the company is now investigating the incident.

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