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Report: PFAS chemicals found in Chipotle bowls

Posted at 12:51 PM, Aug 07, 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS — A recent story might have you opting for a burrito instead of a bowl the next time you visit Chipotle.

A report from the New Food Economy shows the disposable bowls used at Chipotle and some other restaurants are exposed to PFAS, the a similar type of chemicals that have contaminated groundwater in the Fountain and Security-Widefield area.

The CDC reports PFAS have been found in industrial and consumer products since the 1950’s. Including: in non-stick cookware; water-repellent clothing, stain-resistant fabrics and carpets; some cosmetics; some firefighting foams; and products that resist grease, water, and oil.

The chemicals help the bowls hold wet, greasy foods. However, the EPA said those compounds do not break down in the human body and they accumulate over time. In addition to that, the PFAS chemicals can seep into the soil as the bowls break down.

The report found that Chipotle bowls all tested positive for PFAS, but it was unclear which specific PFAS the bowls were contaminated with. Chipotle issued the following statement to the New Food Economy in response to the story.

Part of that statement is provided below:

"Chipotle only partners with suppliers who make fluorochemical sciences and food safety a top priority. These suppliers operate under strict guidelines set forth by the FDA, and have provided Chipotle with certification that all raw material and finished pulp products fully meet the FDA regulatory guidelines for the safe use of only approved PFAS.”

View the full report here.