New coronavirus aid package delayed

Posted at 6:16 PM, Jul 24, 2020

(NBC News) Lawmakers are going home for the weekend without any progress on a new coronavirus relief package, with millions of Americans struggling, out of work and in fear of losing their homes.

Republicans have been unable to reach an agreement on a new relief package, leaving Washington without beginning negotiations with Democrats.

Expanded unemployment benefits, which expire at the end of the month, are a primary sticking point. Many who need the funds are now also facing an end to the moratorium on evictions.

Single mom Mercedes Borges just got an eviction notice.

"Every parent wants to give their kid a home, somewhere safe to be," she says.

She is getting some last minute assistance from local county funds.

Still, as many as 28 million families are in jeopardy of losing their homes, with the coronavirus continuing to spread faster now than at any other time during the pandemic.

In a recent survey, one in four adults either missed their last home payment or are worried about making their next one.

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