More mystery drones spotted over Nebraska

Posted at 10:08 PM, Jan 09, 2020

(WOWT/NBC News) Reports of mysterious drones have been in the news since late December. On Tuesday night, a crew from NBC affiliate WOWT experienced and recorded such an encounter first-hand on a rural road a few miles outside of Omaha.

The crew was just outside of Mead, Nebraska when a 4- to 6-foot drone flew overhead. The drone flew so close to the ground, the sound of the propellers was caught on camera.

"There’s not much out here to look at, so it kind of makes you wonder, well, if they’re not looking at anything, what are they planning, you know? Or whoever or whatever is going on?" Saunders County Deputy Kyle Kennenbeck said. "It definitely raises curiosity."

Sightings of unclaimed drones flying in clusters and often in formation have been reported from Colorado to western Nebraska since December. On Monday, similar reports started popping closer to the Omaha-metro area.

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