Disney worker claims firing over CBD oil "pretty much destroyed my life"

Posted at 5:05 AM, Jul 18, 2019

FLORIDA — (WESH) A former bartender at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida says she was fired over CBD oil she bought at a grocery store and used for foot pain.

Kathy Talafous said she was off the clock and visiting the park with her family on April 12, when security found the CBD balm in her purse at an entry gate.

Documents from the Sheriff’s Office claim the oil was not tested, but the Disney incident reports claims it tested positive for THC.

Talafous said she was suspended when she showed up to work the next Monday, and was eventually fired this week. Talafous said her union told her there is still a chance she could get her job back, but the process could take a long time.

A Walt Disney World spokesperson said the park will not comment on this personnel matter.

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