Japan's Miho Takagi supports sister, Nana, after costly fall during team pursuit final

Posted at 8:35 PM, Feb 15, 2022

Japanese speed skater Nana Takagi was inconsolable after her fall before the finish line of the women's team pursuit final at the 2022 Winter Olympics that cost the team a gold medal, but her sister and teammate Miho was there for support.

Nana was seen crying uncontrollably after the race while her sister Miho hugged her. She was still wiping away tears when standing on the podium, eventually leaning on her younger sister's shoulder and tearing up again.

"I couldn't find any words to tell her at that moment, I just wanted to be close to her and give her a hug," Miho said. "You may feel they should not be held responsible, but the skater who falls will feel guilty."

With the final stretch to skate, the gold medal looked well within reach for Japan as they raced ahead of rivals Canada until Nana lost her balance and crashed into the trackside wall.

"In this event, to fall, we understand the pressure will be on," 27-year-old Miho added. "We cannot turn it around, we cannot change it. That is frustrating".

Nana, 29, pocketed two gold medals at the PyeongChang Olympics four years ago, but has not been able to repeat that success so far.

"My mind hasn't recovered from the fall. It's hard for me to think or talk about it right now," Nana said.

In contrast with the skaters from Canada and Netherlands, who wrapped their arms around each others shoulders for photographs after winning gold and bronze respectively, the Japanese team stood solemnly as the cameras clicked away.

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