Ester Ledecka, renaissance woman, seeks another double gold

Posted at 2:04 PM, Feb 10, 2022

Spend some time surfing down Ester Ledecka's biography and you'll find that the 26-year-old Olympic snowboarder and skier enjoys beach volleyball, windsurfing, and playing guitar.

The natural follow-up thoughts go something like this:

This superstar, make no mistake about it, takes renaissance woman to a snow new level.

We're talking about winter's Bo Jackson or a new-age Dave and Dan, except one person.

So...Ester and Ester.

The defending gold medalist in snowboarding parallel giant slalom is now locked-in on defending gold in alpine skiing's super-G, and at some point, perhaps, we might get a glimpse of a human being (or extra-terrestrial, whatever's happening here) who understands how special of a show she's putting on the world's stage.

Heck, Ledecka doesn't quite sound like a person who realizes she's gone from practice runs to the Olympic podium.

"I was so concentrated until the end that I didn't even know if we had to go up one more time or not, so I was not celebrating it at all," Ledecka said after taking snowboard gold. "It's still not sunken in … I'm super happy, but in my head I'm just still a little bit in the race."

Ledecka's back at it Thursday in the women's super-G and then Monday hits the slopes for downhill skiing. Perhaps we should petition to have a camera crew follow her around Friday, Saturday, and Sunday just in case she messes around and masters chess or something.