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'Pueblo County is very important:' Nominees look to become first woman to represent Third Congressional District

Posted at 9:38 PM, Aug 30, 2020

PUEBLO — A lot of eyes are on Pueblo County as Republican nominee Lauren Boebert and her Democratic opponent Diane Mitsch Bush each look to become the first woman to represent the district.

On Sunday, Boebert rallied Republicans along with Congressmen Ken Buck, the state party chair, and Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs. The group hoped to get supporters energized about the upcoming election and get the word out about the Republican candidates.

It's been about two months since Boebert knocked incumbent Rep. Scott Tipton out of his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Now, she is traveling across southwest Colorado bolstering support as she eyes the Third Congressional District.

"We need to get the vote out, we need to be reaching people and getting them registered to vote," said Boebert. "This is a very important election, this is crucial and vital in every way. We always hear this is the most important election of our lifetime, but this could be the last important election that we ever have."

The rally drew dozens to Pueblo to hear the mother of four and restaurant owner that backs gun rights, small government, and limited spending. With Pueblo considered a "swing county," she hopes to gain support by adhering to the county's love of freedom and patriotism.

"Pueblo County is very important. Here, there are a lot of registered democrats, but the democrats here are blue collared Democrats. They love life, they love the second amendment, they love America. These are hard workers and they have great values and keep our steel mills working," said Boebert.

Buck, who represents Colorado's Fourth Congressional District spoke at the rally. He says it's important to have these rallies to get supporters energized to make calls, knock doors and really get the message out about how strong these candidates are and why it's a better America with Donald Trump at the helm.

He says pueblo voted for President Trump last election and they'll vote for him again.

"President Trump appeals to voters across party lines because he is so strong on the America first message," said Buck. "He makes sure workers understand their best opportunity is with a strong economy. He's not going to let China take our jobs and he's not going to let corporations outsource our jobs."

Biggs says Boebert will bring a fresh personality, attitude, and energy to Congress.

Ashley Quenneville is the campaign manager for Democratic nominee Diane Mitsch Bush. She says due to COVID-19, they won't be holding in-person events but they are visiting every part of the district virtually.

"It's not surprising Lauren Boebert is holding in-person events when it is not safe to do so. She has demonstrated time and time again, she is willing to put public safety at risk," said Quenneville.

She says Mitsch Bush has a record of bringing people together and working across the aisle in a bipartisan way. One of her goals is to focus on what really matters to Coloradans.

"She isn't interested in elevating bipartisan fights, she wants to focus on what really matters here. She wants to lower prescription drug costs, she wants to protect people with pre-existing conditions, and protect our public lands which are a bipartisan issue here and impacts our outdoor community."

Quenneville says Boebert has taken some extreme measures that would hurt the people in this district. She says healthcare will be a deciding point come election time and when it comes to Pueblo, they'll vote for Mitsch Bush because of her views on expanding it.

"I think people in Pueblo like people all across our district can't afford their healthcare. They are deciding between rent and their prescription drugs. I think in the largest public health crisis in our time, that's the defining issue. Diane really wants to focus on making sure we are making healthcare more affordable," said Quenneville. "We need more people at the table fighting for low drug costs, making sure medicare can negotiate drug prices to help bring down those costs."

She says Mitsch Bush has a record of being an independent voice and taking on special interests.

"Right now, Washington is broken and it's not working for the people like it's supposed to. Diane wants to take on those special interests to make sure Washington works for people again," said Quenneville.

Closer to November, she says they'll be holding more virtual events.