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Pueblo mayoral candidates, voters connect in ‘speed dating-style’ forum

Posted at 10:40 PM, Oct 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-31 00:51:02-04

PUEBLO – In just one week the citizens of Pueblo could be meeting their new mayor.

16 people are running for the job and voters got some last minute face to face time with the candidates on Tuesday night at CSU-Pueblo in a rather unique setting. Instead of a regular forum where the candidates are all lined up to answer questions, Tuesday’s mayoral forum was done in a speed dating format. Candidates had about 10 minutes at each table where voters were able to ask specific questions.

Jeffrey Orman said, “This is a very important time in Pueblo’s history…we have some people who want to dictate the future of the city of Pueblo and I wanted to be a part of it and hear what they have to say.”

Orman was just one of dozens of voters in the crowd. Barbara Behm was also there to ask candidates “what are 10 things that you’re hoping to accomplish your first year as mayor?”

Others had questions regarding what direction the candidates plan on taking Pueblo and how they’ll deal with some hot topic issues.

Joan Chun said, “I really want to support the kids, the teachers, the schools.”

Orman said, “The biggest issue that we have right now is…we have to deal with the homeless. We have to deal with an…increase in crime.”

The answers that some candidates gave brought some peace of mind to voters.

Lorrie Santilli-Greene said, “It was nice to see their faces, to listen to them…it’s nice to see what their background is, what their intentions are, what our budget’s going to be going towards…tonight just concreted things a lot more for me.”

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