Twitter has put disclaimers on more than a dozen Trump tweets since Wednesday morning

Posted at 2:06 AM, Nov 06, 2020

The presidential race remains too close to call, and vote totals show President Donald Trump's lead slowly evaporating in some key battleground states. In recent days, Trump has attempted to use his favorite social media platform to spread disinformation about the election process — but Twitter has fought back.

Between early Tuesday morning — after polls had closed in most of the U.S. — and noon ET on Friday, Trump has sent a tweet or retweet 37 times. Twitter has applied disclaimers to 13 of those tweets.

Of those disclaimers, 12 indicate that "some or all of the content" about the election in the President's tweet is "disputed" and possibly "misleading."

Twitter also added a disclaimer noting that races in Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina remain too close to call to Trump's Wednesday morning tweet in which he "claimed" all three states "for Electoral Vote purposes." As of Friday, those states are still too close to call.

Trump railed against Twitter's fact checks in a Friday morning tweet, saying the social media platform is "out of control."

In many cases, Twitter has added disclaimers to Trump's tweets in the moments after the President sends them. The social media service began fact-checking Trump earlier this year, but prior to this week, it would often take several hours to apply disclaimers.

Trump has attempted to sow doubt in the electoral process for months. On the campaign trail, he often argued without basis that mail-in ballots would be fraudulent.

The President's attempt to discredit mail-in ballot appears to have had a partisan effect on mail-in voting. An enormous percentage of mail-in ballots across the country have gone to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, while Trump has carried a vast majority of in-person votes.