Local party leaders satisfied with campaign efforts as 2020 Election draws to a close

Posted at 12:33 PM, Nov 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-03 15:30:22-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — On Election Day in 2020, Americans are voting to elect the country's next president. While this election gets international headlines, the work to educate and inspire votes starts in our communities.

And even in the final hours of the 2020 campaign, our local party leaders answered questions and connected with voters to help them make their voices heard at the ballot box. At the end of the day, party leaders told News5 that win or lose, they're satisfied knowing they left it all out on the field.

The El Paso County Republicans said they are working down to the wire.

"You're just scrambling to try to make sure you covered every base you could possibly think of. I'm the type of person when I do something I'm all-in and so I've tried to make sure I've done everything that is humanly possible to help not only the president, but Corey Gardner and all the up-ticket as you call it, but also to help our local candidates because hey, politics begins at the local level," said El Paso County Republican Party chair Vickie Tonkins.

The work on the local level has been very satisfying for the El Paso County Democrats who say they too ran through the finish line.

"I'm feeling very focused and very clear. I think we have done the best job we could possibly do. We have worked so hard to get out what we've gotten out. We have really done a tremendous job in organizing and reaching out to our constituents and trying to get people to vote. That's basically why we exist. We exist to ensure that people have the right to vote and that we are electing people who support those rights and who are there as a voice for the people," said El Paso County Democratic Party chair Electra Johnson.

Throughout the night, News5 will be tracking election results and bringing you reaction from our local party leaders on-air and one all of our digital and your favorite streaming device.

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