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Colorado Springs city council candidate: Matt Zelenok

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Posted at 6:10 AM, Mar 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-17 15:10:39-04
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Colorado Springs City Council District 5, Matt Zelenok

If elected, what will your top priority be for the city of Colorado Springs?

My top priority as a councilperson for Colorado Springs will be to address our infrastructure needs, most notably our roads. The city has historically allowed substandard road materials to be used that result in decreased long-term durability and require more frequent repairs. I will advocate that all road projects are to be completed to the highest of standards in order to construct the most durable road surface possible. Likewise, I will ensure we have a sustainable infrastructure budget that anticipates future needs, without the need for repeated tax increases. In addition to improving road surfaces, I will also advocate for the use of modern "SMART" traffic technology to help improve traffic flow and increase safety at intersections by anticipating backups and accidents before they happen.

What should city council implement to address the impacts of COVID-19?

We must make every effort we can to help our local businesses survive the pandemic, as well as ensuring everyone on the front lines has equitable access to COVID 19 vaccinations. The road to recovery will be a lengthy process and City Council must be willing to listen to the needs of the community and business owners in order to implement the most effective policies and assistance possible.

What needs to be done to address the growth the city has been experiencing?

Colorado Springs has faced unprecedented growth in the last 5 years, and we must act swiftly to ensure we are growing in a sustainable manner. I believe we must rebalance the way our city grows, not only growing outward where it is most cost effective for developers, but to also utilize the unused portions of land inside the city limits, most notably in the downtown area. Likewise, we must incentivize developers to offer a diverse set of housing options, including a larger portion of high density developments in order to make a positive impact on the dire need for affordable housing.