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Colorado Springs city council candidate: Justin Hermes

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Posted at 6:17 AM, Mar 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-17 15:11:01-04
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Colorado Springs District 5, Justin Hermes

If elected, what will your top priority be for the city of Colorado Springs?

Transforming the vacant commercial space we currently have into affordable housing. Areas like the Citadel mall and the Rustic Hills shopping center are the some of the greatest assets in district 5. We need to make sure we are being proactive in re purposing these spaces and bringing new life to these areas of town.

What should city council implement to address the impacts of COVID-19?

I believe we have to get all business open sooner than later. We can still social distance and be safe during this process. If we do not allow businesses to open it will cripple our economy. Those who are at high risk have the ability to stay cautious and not interact in certain environments that are high risk.

What needs to be done to address the growth the city has been experiencing?

We have to make sure we are building out roads and infrastructure 10-15 years in advance for future growth. We must make infrastructure a priority for our city and we must hold developers responsible for playing a key role in new developments and proper infrastructure. We also have to make sure we keep affordability in this town! That means having affordable rental units, affordable housing to purchase, low taxes and affordable utilities.