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Colorado Springs city council candidate: Garfield Johnson

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Posted at 6:25 AM, Mar 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-17 15:11:20-04
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Colorado Springs City Council District 6, Garfield Johnson

If elected, what will your top priority be for the city of Colorado Springs?

Dr. Garfield Johnson's top priorities are as follows: 1) Establish the Office of Military Support and Community Engagement; 2) Through the downtown partnership initiative, HBA, etc., create activities that are enjoined with the United States Olympic Committee, Colorado College/UCCS, and the U.S. Military, to foster a greater community for families and the tourism industry; 3) Work with local businesses, and nonprofits to make Colorado Springs the number one destination in the Midwest; 4) Encourage the HBA, and the construction communities to provide apprenticeship through school districts career technical education programs.

What should city council implement to address the impacts of COVID-19?

Dr. Johnson proposed the reallocation of available funds in the budget along with the money from the state and federal government earmarked for COVID-19 relief, to ensure business can continue operating, preventing them from having to permanently close their doors. This can include business grants, emergency loans, and allowing for long-term payment plans for payments currently due. Such an economy helps to ensure that the district can continue to be a center for military defense while expanding various business types to ensure a strong economy and increase job creation.

What needs to be done to address the growth the city has been experiencing?

Dr. Garfield Johnson takes the stance that business development should be a priority to create a more varied economy for the city which leads to economic stability and revenue creation. This development of our urban area should not forsake our natural beauty meaning that the overall infrastructure including the building of roads, housing developments, and business/corporation centers must be done while maintaining the natural environment our city has to offer. He supports the planning for parks and open spaces in the city’s growth plan as these need to be present within all areas of the district. Growth should be approached by planning appropriate infrastructure.