'Guardians' of the streets: A crossing guard's story

Posted at 6:39 AM, Feb 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-27 16:46:08-05

There's a group of men and women in uniform who are responsible for keeping watch over our streets, especially before and after the school bell rings. These people make up a group of crossing guards.

News5 spoke to a crossing guard who has been on the job for six years. On the corner of Montebello Drive and Meadowland Boulevard, there's a pair of crossing guards waiting to start their shift every morning. One of them is Joe Craven.

Craven is a District 11 crossing guard, who is very well known among parents and kids who take this route to school everyday. He has seen all types of weather at this intersection and all types of drivers.

"It's gotten more about me and less about what's around me, and who else is out here with me," Craven explained.

Craven isn't shy about calling out bad drivers, especially when he meets people who speed and people without manners.

"People are just self-centered, and they just don't care anymore," he said. "You just have to figure their momma didn't raise them right."

Craven says every mother's concern should be her kids and the same goes for drivers who enter school zones.

"Slow down! That may not be your kid but they are somebody else's kid," he said.

He also says drivers need to practice being on time to world every morning. If you're on time, what's the rush?

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