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The baseball diamond with THE mountain view

Posted at 7:13 PM, Mar 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-29 19:22:41-04

(COLORADO SPRINGS) – UCCS has had a baseball program for two years, but the baseball team is now playing its first games on its own field, “Finally these young men, who have been a part of the program for over a year and a half can have a place to call home,” commented UCCS Baseball Coach Dave Hajek.

It’s a home players say they’re happy to have.

“Having a place that’s right on campus, that’s really close, is a luxury it feels like,” said UCCS outfielder Zach Hall.

But what the best part of this luxury? The players and coaches have different answers.

“My favorite part about having this home field, is getting that home field advantage,” said UCCS Pitcher Joe Slocum.

“I’m most excited about the community,” continued Zach.

“My favorite part? That’s a tough question,” said Coach Hajek.

But everyone can agree that the field’s backdrop is like none other.

“We’ve got Pulpit Rock, we’ve got Pikes Peak, pretty much the best view,” Hall said.

“Some are going as far as saying it’s the best view there is when it comes to baseball diamonds, stacking up to the best vistas in the sport.

“I think it’s bar none. It’s the best field I’ve ever been on,” commented Jeremy Hochmuth, who’s a Mountain Lion infielder.

The team playing on their new home turf may have to compete for attention, “Yeah, I think people are going to be wowed by what is around us here. Hopefully we’ll do something on the field to create a buzz as well. But they will definitely notice the views right away,” said Coach Hajek.

Players said they are confident they won’t be thrown off by all this natural beauty, “The beauty is nice, but no, we won’t be distracted. The beauty adds to the nature of us playing some great baseball,” Slocum said.

But maybe it can be used against the visitors, “Hopefully we catch them off guard, checking out the view,” said Hall.

Regardless, with new home turf to play on, players and fans have a lot to look forward to.