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A mother's hope: The cold case of Clinton Sutton

Sutton was last seen on November 6, 2014, family searches for answers
A mother's hope: The cold case of Clinton Sutton
Posted at 12:25 AM, Mar 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-30 02:29:11-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — In 2014, Clinton Sutton turned 28-years-old. Born in England, Sutton is the oldest of four siblings. He's described as a friendly, kind, and generous person, who was always cracking jokes.

Sutton has not been seen or heard from since November 6, 2014. Almost seven years since then, his mother is speaking out, hoping hearing his story triggers new tips for investigators. "My son didn't just disappear," said Victoria Jamerson, Sutton's mother.

Sutton had lived with his mom in 2014, but they had a falling out because of his drinking habits. Sutton left her home. On November 6, Sutton's step-father dropped off him and an unknown friend at a motel off of South Nevada Avenue in Colorado Springs. His step-father said Sutton did not have a wallet or form of identification on him at that time. "That's where I left him at. And he said, we'll I'll call you tomorrow, and that tomorrow never came... He would never go without talking to his mom," said Garry Jamerson, Sutton's step-father.

Investigators report the last place Sutton was seen was the Sun Springs Motel, but Sutton's step-father believes it was actually the Chateau Motel. The two motels are mere minutes from each other.

Sutton called his mother later on November 6, 2014, and apparently told her he made some new friends, but was slightly scared for his safety. Sutton's mother said he sounded intoxicated during the phone call. "I told him, call me back in the morning, because really he wasn't making a lot of sense. And that's the last time I ever heard from him," said Victoria Jamerson.

Since then, Jamerson said her mind runs wild with theories or explanations as to where her son could have gone. "I think crazy things, because I have no answer... There's no end," Sutton's mother said.

The family made missing person posters for Sutton to try and help find him. "We put flyers down in South Nevada area, a couple of times, me and my daughter, and somebody would come behind and tear them all down," said Victoria Jamerson.

Clinton Sutton missing poster
Posters made by Clinton Sutton's family.

There are around 90 unsolved homicide cold cases in the Colorado Springs Police Department, and over 40 open missing person reports. Sutton is considered both a cold case, and a missing person's investigation. "We don't stop working on these. Our detectives have solved cases that are decades old. Every single one of these cases means something to us, deeply and personally, as we know it does with the family," said Natashia Kerr, a spokesperson for the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Sutton's case is also deemed suspicious by investigators. "In Mr. Sutton's case, specifically, there are two major things: one is the length of time that he had been missing, and the second is that he had applied for federal benefits that haven't been used since he was reported missing," said Kerr.

Several searches and many interviews later, detectives still do not have answers for Sutton's family. However, the case is never far from their minds. Sutton's age progression sketch sits on top of an investigator's desk, every day. "We're going to continue to work until we can find the right answers," said Kerr.

Clinton Sutton age progression sketch
CSPD provided News5 with this age progression sketch of Clinton Sutton.

For Sutton's mother, reliving this nightmare that is her reality was for a purpose. She believes someone knows something, that could help investigators. "It's just terrible, because you don't know. I have no answer. But, the good thing about that is, that I have hope still," said Victoria Jamerson.

Every little piece of information is important. Investigators say you should assume they do not know what you may know. If you have any tips that could help solve this case, call the Colorado Springs Police Department at (719)444-7000. You can also remain anonymous and call the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at (719)634-STOP (7867).

This story originally aired with an incorrect number to call for the Colorado Springs Police Department. The correct number is (719)444-7000.