Signs of Domestic Violence to watch for this holiday season

Local experts say finances, family, and alcohol can aggravate domestic violence problems
Colorado Springs has had 40 homicides this year
Posted at 10:59 PM, Dec 02, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS — Local agencies in Colorado Springs and in Pueblo say they usually see more cases of domestic violence around the holiday season.

"Spending time with family, financial stressors, alcohol consumption... Those may be just... Those added stressors that are added to the holidays," said Rica Molet with TESSA, a resource agency for domestic violence victims in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs Police are still investigating a murder-suicide in a house on the 3800 block of Hopeful Drive, which they believe is connected to domestic violence.

Neighbors told News 5 they used to hear the couple yelling at one another, and heard the gunshots on the day of the murder-suicide.

"I don't know if the neighbors could have done anything to help... I mean it's... That's a terrible situation, especially with them hearing gunshots and then finding out what happened that's just... that's heartbreaking," said Kate Ferguson, a survivor of domestic violence who now lives in Pueblo.

She now works to help other victims in the community, in particular through the Facebook Page, Nicole's Army

"I suffered through domestic violence for years. I actually, I had to flee the state unfortunately," said Ferguson.

The YWCA in Pueblo says they notices a massive spike of victims in need of their services last year after Christmas.

Ferguson recommends survivors get an "unbiased" person to talk to, like a therapist.

CSPD is still searching for information about the murder-suicide. If you have any more details please contact CSPD or Crime Stoppers.