Former inmate receives $500,000 settlement from Jefferson County

Attorney provides surveillance video from the jail, showing client knocked onto his face.
Former inmate receives $500,000 settlement from Jefferson County
Posted at 12:48 PM, Jul 01, 2024

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — Jefferson County settled a lawsuit with a former inmate for $500,000, according to the attorney who filed the suit.

"Fred [Fisk] was in the county jail [in November of 2022]. He was there for a misdemeanor charge, and he was pending felony sentencing," David Lane said of his client. “Fred has some mental health issues. Some deputies were walking him down the hallway for an evaluation."

Surveillance video from inside the jail shows Fisk then stop walking. Deputies grab him by his legs. Fisk falls forward and slams his face onto the ground. A small pool of blood forms underneath Fisk's face, which can be seen in the surveillance video when he rolls over.

"He went face first into the concrete floor and cracked his jaw and suffered a traumatic brain injury," Lane said.

Lane said the money more than covers his client's medical bills.

"The problem with the so called justice system in America is that it uses the word justice. Justice is never done. It is the great American accountability system where money substitutes for any injury," Lane said. “When Fred Fisk violates the law and he pleads guilty, he's held accountable. He goes to prison. He goes to jail. When these deputies violate your Constitution, they need to be held accountable, just like Fred Fisk was, because if they're not held accountable, then we don't have justice in America.”

Denver7 reached out to Jefferson County for a statement. Jeffco leaders said someone would likely respond Monday.

Our partners at The Denver Post received a statement from Jefferson County, which called the "takedown... unjustified" and said "the use of force appears to have been a result of inexperience and poor judgment, rather than malice."

Lane said he called the Jefferson County District Attorney, asking her to prosecute the deputies involved.

As of Sunday, Lane said he had not heard back from the DA. His next stop is the United States Department of Justice.

Former inmate receives $500,000 settlement from Jefferson County