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ZEN-er Mobile Yoga offering no-cost classes for veterans

ZEN-er Mobile Yoga offering no-cost classes for veterans
Posted at 7:17 AM, Nov 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-10 09:17:45-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — One local small business works to help veterans battle their PTSD by creating a safe environment.

ZENer Mobile Yoga in Fountain’s owner and yoga instructor Jennifer Zenner Clark, a military-spouse, always had a vision for using yoga to heal veterans and community members.

“We are a military spouse-owned small business in Fountain and take care of our military members and their families, and veterans at our yoga studio,” said Clark.

Jennifer’s passion is yoga, and she believes yoga can heal people and relieve a ton of stress.

“The connection of yoga and healing is a passion of mine, and we offer a safe space for those who think yoga is not for them!” said Clark.

Alexis Pyatt, a local Air Force veteran, regularly attends Jennifer’s classes.

“It’s calming of the mind. Everybody knows about moving your body and everything like that with yoga, but a lot of it really calms your mind down. I have a frantic mind, so I like to come in here and just kind of go with my breath and it helps with everyday stressors of life,” said Pyatt.

Pyatt says seeing her fellow community members each week makes attending the classes more special.

“It's interesting I get to see all my friends daily, which is nice, and you develop, you know friendships... and you learn what their struggle poses are and what your struggle poses are. Then you see each other in the community and you kind of have a camaraderie you've struggled together,” said Pyatt.

Jennifer says veterans are always welcome to come to her 5 a.m. until 8 a.m. practice this week at no cost. For those who cannot make the practice, she offers free Sunday morning yoga classes.

Anyone interested in attending a class at ZENer Mobile Yoga should visit here.